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about us

While our company is new, our experience in the world of e-commerce is not. There are a ton of options out there if you have million dollar budgets and loads of ​time to make things happen, but if you are a small company (or even not really a company yet!) there aren't a lot of affordable options to help set up an e-commerce ​store, or even walk you through what to consider if you are thinking about it.

We are the best fit for companies with a small number of products (less than 30 or so), but we are more than willing to have a conversation if your catalog is a little ​bit bigger than that.

We offer full-service fulfillment from our warehouse in Cedar Falls, Iowa. We have a climate-controlled warehouse and can also help with customer service inquiries ​if you wish.

We also can help with building and setting up a website. We work with BigCommerce, as we have found it to be solid, simple to work with, scales well, and they have ​great uptime and customer service should anything go south.

We do run our own store as well,

fulfillment services

Our e-commerce fulfillment services will let you live your day to day with confidence, knowing that when you sell an item, it will be packed quickly, securely, and will create a great experience for your customers.

We can do fulfillment from your existing stores and channels including, but not limited to:

  • Shopify
  • BigCommerce
  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Stripe
  • Magento
  • Ecwid

We continually monitor for orders throughout the day, and once an order comes in it is usually picked, packed, and out for shipping within 2 hours. We are extremely accurate and institute internal processes in order to head off potential order issues. For example, if a customer orders an item and then an expansion pack for a different item, we can either alert you to reach out to the customer or we can reach out directly. In this way, we would prevent a possible unhappy customer and an expensive return.

Contact us today, let us know what you would like to do, and let's see if it makes sense for us to work together!

webstore/website building

If you are like we were when we first started in e-commerce a decade ago, you started looking around for someone to build you a site for your specific business, you ​may be getting quotes of $20,000 MINIMUM to build an e-commerce website, and it will take months to build. This isn't a judgment on the value of those agencies, ​but what startup business can afford that unless they are swimming with the sharks???

It doesn't have to be that expensive. You can have a fully functional, attractive, and FAST website up and running (and selling!) in weeks for much less. Most ​businesses start small, let us help.

At EcomQwik, we don't make money on hosting. We make money on initial setup and any maintenance you have us do, and then, if you choose, on fulfillment, ​customer service, etc. The bottom line is that we make money when you make sales. It does nobody any good if just one of us is successful.

So what influences the cost? While there is a fair amount of variability, here are some of the things that impact the cost of your project:

  • How many pages?
  • How many products?
  • Stock or custom manufactured products?
  • Do you have your own product images or do we need to photograph them?
  • Are you going to write your own product descriptions, are we, or would you like us to help you do it?

Give us a call and we'll have a conversation or two, come up with a game plan, then we'll quote it. If we all think it's a fit, we'll get started and soon you'll be doing ​ecom, qwik!

sites we’ve built

customer service

Most anyone will tell you that good customer service is good business practice for the long term. EcomQwik is no exception. BUT, what about the short term? Can your customer service cost you sales, today? It can.

You can have great interactions with customers, take care of any issues that may have occurred, all within the industry standard 24-hour response time, and still lose your best potential customers. How? Many customers attempt to contact customer service with a quick question just before they complete a sale. When will it ship? Is it really in stock? Can you ship it faster? Most of these answers take just seconds to give the customer whether you do it now or tomorrow, but if it waits until tomorrow (or longer) you risk completely losing the sale as the customer might have moved on.

We can help. We can work with you to make sure we understand YOUR policies regarding refunds, returns, etc., all while giving your customers great, fast customer service.

Let's have a conversation and see if EcomQwik customer service is a fit for your company.

contact us


2302 W 1st St, Suite 102

Cedar Falls, IA 50613

(833) 378-4098

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